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Son de Ons

Sound of Ons

Documentary / 2001 / 27 min
“The people´s ability to get a decent life from that piece of stone in the sea” is what the Swedish anthropologist Stafan Mörling admires the most of the island of Ons, where he lived in the sixties and seventies. His portrait of the island, situated in the Galician archipelago, accompanied with lots of from-that-period video material, contrast with its current depopulation. 10 people hardly live there the whole year. Ons is dissapearing as human environment with its own cultural and ethnographic characteristics.
Amigos na vía da plata

Friends in Via da Prata

Documentary / 2001 / 27 min
Guisneider, a Brasilian teacher leaves her homeland to travel the Camino, compiling materials for her doctoral thesis. Juan Curiel, a Galician musician, has walked from Sevilla accompanied with his dog and his guitar. The route gives them a meeting chance. Together they will discover us a different “Camino”, surprising because of its beauty and nature contact.
Camiños de busca

Paths of Search

Documentary / 1999 / 27 min
New and exciting approach of the Camino de Santiago, from a spiritual point of view. Pilgrims such as Paulo Coelho, Domingo Díaz Porta, Grián or Manuel Vicente, among other people, tell us their experiences, sufferings and happiness, describing the Camino like a life’s metaphor.

Proyectos en desarrolloproyectos realizados

Entrepreuners: Sustainable Fishing

Documentary / 2009/ 65 min
Sea is in danger. In an everyday-more-global market, where marine products demand is increasing a lot; overexploitation, pollution and devastating effects of climate change threaten the resources survival, fishers in themselves and a way of life and a culture linked to seaside villages..
¿qué desean las mujeres?

What do Women Desire?

Documentary / 2009/ 80 min
What women desire the most is still, in the third millenium, an unknown secret for many people. And although the voices which assert that this is our century are plentiful, we are far away from overcoming the historical obstacles and from reaching the social space that we deserve.
cruce de miradas

Glances Cross

Past and present, spiritual and profane, known and unknown, meditation and understanding, coexist inexorably in Compostela. Pilgrimage finish during ages, Santiago has been outlined as a city which deserves an integrated role in the dialogue with other silenced in the past cultures because of the western one.
Among the walls of its mysterious heritage, different ways of living spirituality share spaces.
Far away and astonishingly near visions and ways of looking for happiness, beyond the cultural and circumstancial idiosyncracies.


From the current perspective, we look our glance back to the Prestige, a dissaster so huge which is only comparable to the grandeur of the civic answer. The reaction of the Galician society, which decides to star their own history in, and the impressive voluntary movement. One of the biggest and the most honorable comunitary demonstration from the first World. But, is any of that spirit there? What happened with the main characters? When it seems that nobody cares about the sunken ship in the ocean floor, people whose lives were marked speak again using the serenity and the learning that the passing of time has given them.
Aprendiendo a vivir

Learning to Live

In a Latin American extremily-violent neighborhood, Sara has created a centre for street children. They play football there and they learn to shape a video documenary up which shows their own view of the world moving them away from their street problems.
In Galicia, a group of volunteers help marginalized kids, out of the oficial education system, and they teach them how to realize documentaries, providing them a way of life, analysis and social integration.
Both experiences are interweaved promoting colective work and intercultural dialogues since they put in touch communities from different countries around a common topic.

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